Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday digest

The 9 p.m. from D.C. To Perryville is creeping along short of New Carrolton because of a "slow signal." The conductor finally came on the as-usual screechingly loud speakers to explain the snail's pace to the riders after so many queries from his passengers. Why does MARC seem to get more frustrating as the night drags on?

And two notices from MARC, first one on additional parking spaces at Aberdeen station and the second on cash transactions, both are pasted in full below:

Attention Aberdeen Commuters: Beginning Monday, August 3, Aberdeen commuters will have 77 additional parking spaces. The new lot is located just south of the existing parking area on the station side of the tracks at the old Hinder Lincoln/Mercury used car lot.

Attention MARC Train Commuters: Beginning Monday, August 3, 2009, MARC Train conductors will no longer accept bills larger than $20 as payment for tickets on board MARC trains.

Commuters are encouraged to use the Self-Service Ticketing (SST) Kiosks located at most stations whenever possible to purchase daily tickets as well as weekly, monthly, and Senior/disability discounted tickets. SST's accept all major credit and debit cards; cash or vouchers of any kind cannot be used.

Thank you for riding MARC Train Service.

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