Monday, October 25, 2010

MARC-related Halloween costume revealed

That's right, my fiance and I are dressing up as Baltimore's most controversial public art for Halloween this year: Penn Station's Male/Female.

I've already purchased little LED lights to stick to our chests and purply-blue foil to wrap around them. Searching for silver spandex and possible silver paint/hairspray to complete the costume. Supply source suggestions are welcome.

This will be the second year in a row that we've dressed up as iconic images from nearby Penn Station. Last year we were a hit as the Natty Boh guy proposing to the Utz girl from the Smyth jewelers billboard.

Signal sabotage?

The chatter on two blogs, Inside Charm City and Getting There, is that morning delays on Amtrak and MARC between DC and Baltimore were due to signal problems and - dun dun dun - possible sabotage.

Russian spies strike again?

Amtrak won't confirm sabotage, but also won't rule it out according to Dresser at Getting There. After some sleuthing Quinton at Charm City got a reply via Twitter from MTA saying that "malicious destruction" had affected the signals.

Then again Dresser's reporting found that the delays could be the fault of copper wires, which are the cause of some of the summer time delays.

Anyone else out there see signs of sabotage or have theories about the delay? Drop me a line.