Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brunswick delays delay meet and greet?

Venturing an educated guess here...

Looking at alerts from MARC this afternoon, perhaps the meet and greet originally scheduled for this evening at the Gaithersburg station has been pushed back to "a future date" because of 20-50 minute delays on at least three Brunswick line trains this afternoon. MARC has notified commuters that a combination of disabled freight trains, track maintenance and downed trees are responsible for the delays. Downed trees? Does anyone remember strong winds recently?

Another question, what's the process like when MARC says that the Washington Metro will honor its tickets? In today's case, MARC has instructed stranded Brunswick riders that they can use the Red Line or Ride On to get to their destinations.

Here's the message from MARC: "Washington Metro will honor MARC tickets on the Red Line tonight. Passengers going to Kensington, Garret Park, Washington Grove, Gaithersburg, Metropolitan Grove, and Germantown should use Ride On bus service. MARC tickets are honored on Ride On. Other passengers stand by for further information; we are attempting to arrange alternate transportation."

For anyone who used the Red Line or Ride On, let Stuckonmarc know if your experience was easy, difficult, painful, confusing, etc.

The Post's Dr. Gridlock has a bit more on the Brunswick delays here.

Whatever the reason for postponing the meet and greet, MARC managers are more likely to have an unhappy crowd of customers when the powwow is rescheduled in light of today's Brunswick delays.

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