Monday, January 25, 2010

New diesel debuts on Penn, electric breakdown an "isolated incident"

Trainmaster Dave Johnson emailed Stuck on MARC earlier today to let us know that the new diesel locomotive is scheduled to debut on the following Penn Line trains this week:
  • 405 (Southbound from Penn Station at 5:52am)
  • 428 (Northbound from Union Station at 4:15pm)
  • 439 (Southbound from Penn Station at 5:25pm)
  • and 440 (Northbound from Union Station at 6:40pm)
If you ride any of those trains, let us know if you noticed a difference in your commute.

I asked Johnson for news on the rehabbed electric locomotive that broke down on the Penn Line last week, causing delays up to 90 minutes. He said it was an "isolated incident," which should stem fears of potential system-wide effects cited by Sun transportation reporter Michael Dresser in his recent blog post.

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