Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 down, 23 to go: update on new diesel locomotives

MARC Trainmaster Dave Johnson sent Stuck on MARC an update on the system's new diesel locomotives, which we first blogged about here.

Johnson reports that one (#12) of the two new diesel locomotives that are currently on the tracks "is now running solo on Brunswick trains 872 and 873 and Penn Line trains 410 and 429.

Johnson was aboard Penn Line train 429 yesterday and "the engine performed very well," during his trip he said.

The second diesel, #11 got was put into operation on Tuesday afternoon. Johnson said that #11 is operating on four Camden Line trains: 843, 842, 853, and 850. This second locomotive still has it's training wheels on - in the form of an older diesel - "but will go solo next week on the same trains," Johnson said.

The third diesel, #10 should be out on the road in the next week or so, according to Johnson.

MARC riders, let's keep our fingers crossed that the three new engines run smoothly so that MARC can begin to accept delivery from the manufacturer of the remaining 23 engines. The ultimate hope from a rider's perspective is that the updates will mean less delays and quicker travel time.

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