Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stuck on Amtrak

Here I am stuck on an Amtrak train at BWI at 9:30pm after a long day at work and running on little sleep from last night. We've been holding outside BWI for about 30 minutes because of a 'situation' with a passenger. Turns out that Amtrak explanations for delays are just as vague as on MARC.

Why am I stuck on Amtrak instead of MARC tonight you ask? It's the second week in a row that MARC's been running ihe 's' holiday schedule which means the last train leaves DC for Baltimore on the Penn Line at 7:40pm. So for those of us who have work schedules that stretch beyond a 9 to 5 it means coughing up 20 bucks to get home at night. I'd like to find out why Amtrak doesn't honor monthly MARC ticket holders on these occasions, I assume since it's a busy time during the holidays they only want to take paying customers.

So tired and about to strangle the passenger seated behind me who's blasting elevator music from his headphones.

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