Monday, December 21, 2009

MARC's a mess following snowstorm

MARC wasn't even able to get the dates right the day after the snow stopped flying. My boyfriend pointed out that in the notice below, the date in the subject line of the email sent out by MARC notifying passengers that the system would run a limited schedule on Monday, is incorrect. There's also a misspelling and what I consider a bit of a preachy tone telling riders how to handle the snow (then again I'm originally from New England and I think people in this area totally overact to a couple feet of snowfall).

Trains this morning we're running between 20 minutes to an hour behind schedule. They were also overcrowded as MARC is on a limited holiday schedule today, which means that there about five less trains running today. The last train to leave DC tonight will depart at 7:40pm- so much for my plan to work late before I take off some time for the holiday.

Despite the fact that the fed was closed today, Penn Station was jam-packed with travelers, so I hope MARC goes back to a regular schedule tomorrow before they return to a limited schedule for the holidays.

Amtrak trains were also running behind this morning, about an hour late when I left Penn Station at 7:30am.

-----Original Message-----
From: Maryland Transit Administration
Sent: Sunday, December 20, 2009 6:08 PM
Subject: MTA: MARC service on S schedule for Monday, Dec 20. Go to for more details.

Attention MARC passengers--

MARC will operate an "S" schedule on Monday, December 21, 2009 due to
Saturday's snowstorm and the Federal Government's decision to close on
Monday. Only trains with an "S" under the train number in the timetable
will operate.

MARC station parking lots and platforms have or are in the process of
being cleared of snow and salt is being applied. The platforms have
been cleared, but passing trains continue to blow snow back on them.
Please exercise EXTREEM caution tomorrow morning when leaving your car,
walking to the platform, and boarding the train:

Leave yourself plenty of time to not only get to the station, but once
there to get to the platform.

Use the handrails when using station steps or ramps as icy conditions
may still exist.

Hold the handrails while boarding, detraining, and while walking through
the train. The vestibule steps can become icy and wet shoes can be
slippery on the car floors.

Above all else, wear sensible shoes and clothing. Temperatures will be
quite frigid in the morning so bundle up and wear shoes that will allow
you plenty of traction.

A decision about service for Tuesday, December 22 will be made Monday
afternoon. Thank you for riding MARC Train Service.

December 20, 2009 6:03 PM

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