Thursday, July 8, 2010

WaPost on Ehrlich courting disgruntled MARC riders

The Washington Post has a good article and video detailing former MD Gov (and current gubernatorial candidate) Robert Ehrlich's efforts to court disgruntled MARC riders following last month's train from hell.

I'd have to dispute one point made by the head of the new group Commuters for Ehrlich, who in the video says that there's no griping forum for MARC passengers. There's a regular, maybe monthly or bimonthly "Meet the MARC Managers" event where riders can approach MTA officials and complain or ask questions. They do a good job of rotating the managers to different stations so all riders get a fair shake.

My question for Ehrlich is whether or not he will pledge to do something politically unpalatable if he's elected governor, that is raise train ticket prices.

MARC Riders Advisory Council chair Rafi Guroian told Stuck on MARC in an interview lats year that more revenue is essential for MARC's growth and improvement.

$175 for a monthly unlimited ticket is quite a bargain; I for one would be willing to pay $25 to get to work and home on time.

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