Monday, June 14, 2010

Ladies! Meet a man on MARC

Until a fellow commuter asked me out on a date while we were walking from the MARC train into Union Station this morning, it never occurred to me that the MARC is the perfect place to scope out single men.

First off the dating pool is selective, these men have jobs ladies, and probably steady ones if they work for the federal government.

Secondly you have a number of things in common such as the fact that you both take public transportation and most likely live close to one another.

Finally, since you probably see this person most weekdays you can scope out their habits- is he an annoyingly loud cell phone talker? does he snore when cat napping- before deciding whether or not you'd want to date him.

So ladies, give that bespectacled gentleman with the nice leather briefcase who always rides in the first row of the third car a second look. With our daily commutes cutting into our social lives, the MARC just might be your ticket to finding a man.

P.S. I had struck up a conversation with the man who asked me out last week before he asked me out this morning. He was friendly, interesting and intelligent, and easy on the eyes. I declined his invitation as I'm madly in love with my wonderful boyfriend, but I thought I'd share this experience for all the single ladies out there.

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