Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Java Moon Cafe promises review of policy

I will be suspending my boycott of Java Moon Cafe. (See yesterday's post.)

I wrote to the Java Moon parent company after I was refused coffee in my travel mug at the cafe in Penn Station yesterday. The refusal upset me because many companies like The Daily Grind in Baltimore and Caribou Coffee in D.C. encourage customers to use their travel mugs and cut down on waste by offering discounts.

In response to my complaints, I received an emailed apology from a company BP, promising a closer review of the policy, which does not allow customers to use travel mugs for fear that they might be sued if dirty mugs are filled with their coffee. I was pleasantly surprised by the speedy reply, less than 24 hours after I filed my complaint.

The VP graciously offered five days of free coffee in my travel mug and a discount on pastries, for taking time to tell her about my experience. I will decline the offer so as to remain somewhat neutral, but I appreciate the spirit.

I look forward to hearing the outcome of the company's review to see whether it results in a change in policy, posting of a sign explaining the policy or other consideration.

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