Thursday, April 8, 2010

MARC chaos at Union Station

Commuters rush for a spot on the MARC train #538 (611pm departure from DC), which was delayed due to a mechanical problem. Anxious commuters were held back off the platform by uniformed police (Amtrak I think) and a MARC official tried to keep people orderly with the help of a blow horn.

Needless to say my meeting with the MARC and Amtrak officials about the very subject on display during tonight's rush hour- crowd control- has been postponned so they can focus on their jobs tonight.
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  1. Something needs to be done to make the boarding process at Union Station more civilized, that's for sure. What I can't figure out is how to do that without millions of dollars in station renovations or a serious change in the mob mentality among many of the riders.

  2. This is easy, get the Amtrack police out and issue $250 citations for every person that is on the platform. That would solve the problem quickly.