Thursday, March 4, 2010

Union Station signs detail new waiting policy

I snapped these two signs at Union Station tonight on my way to catch the Penn Line home. The whiteboard is in the hallway, which I mentioned in my previous blog on the issue of MARC's new waiting policy that's upset many riders. The second is on the platform itself. 

MRAC Chair Rafi Guroian responded to my question as to whether the MARC Riders Advisory Council has taken up the issue. His answer is very instructive, if not encouraging. 

Here's Rafi's note in response to my previous blog post.
Julia, we're well aware of the issue on the council, obviously (after all, we're in the rank and file with everyone else). We'll make sure to put it on the agenda again for the next meeting (it's becoming a regular feature, it seems). Sadly, the "end-all" answer is not cheap: a complete reconfiguration of the Metro corridor and Gate A and reinstating tracks 3-6 which were torn up when the Metro was built in the 70s. 

Rafi Guroian

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