Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dr. Gridlock entertains questions about Biden security delays

On Monday, The Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock, aka Robert Thomson, entertained questions from readers of his blog about Joe Biden's continued preference of riding the rails as Vice President, which consequently causes security delays at Union Station.

Many of the readers expressed frustration that the Vice President would dare inconvenience their commutes.

I generally agree with this last exchange:
Biden: Is this post a joke? You live in D.C.! Get used to it. Plus, Biden is on the record as saying he takes rail whenever he can because he never really got over the fear of car accidents engendered by the one in which his wife died and his sons were severely injured.

Robert Thomson: We want them to be men of the people, until they start getting out with the people.

And to Jeff Quinton over at Inside Charm City, you're most welcome for the reporting work I did to confirm speculation posted on your blog. I enjoy the chance to debate views on this topic, but please, 10 minute delays on MARC are par for the course.

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