Monday, September 28, 2009

'MARC is the worst commuter rail...

...well there are probably worse commuter rails in India and maybe Mexico.'

- Overheard on the MARC train 544, which left DC for Perryville 25 minutes behind schedule.

A MARC employee told me the train was delayed because they had to replace a motor. When I asked him what happened to the old motor he quipped: "You don't want to know."

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  1. I can't vouch for the commuter rail, but the subway in Delhi is actually quite nice.

  2. Hmmmmmm Bruce, have you seen this post?

    One man's "actually-quite-nice" is another man's nightmare.

  3. Yeah, I think the Delhi subway is kind of the exception to the rule there. It's eerily calm and uncrowded (mostly, I understand, because it's too expensive to be practical transportation for most people).