Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yep, it's a pattern

MARC seemed to be having an above par summer this year with few delays and only one egregious incident.

Until this month. Today marked the second consecutive day of delays on the Camden and Brunswick lines because of the heat (tracks expand in high temperatures forcing the trains to travel at a slower pace). We'll give the MARC a pass on those delays because you can't control Mother Nature.

While the two less traveled lines were sluggish, the more crowded Penn line experienced up to 30 minute delays in both directions. MARC attributed the delays to "mechanical problems" and "late arriving equipment" (I've always wondered why equipment is not already self-contained on the train and often needs to be swapped out).

By the time I headed out of the office tonight my regular Penn line train- sceduled to leave Union Station at 6:40 was at least 15 minutes late- so I hopped on the Camden line's 6:43 departure and we left the station as scheduled. Heat restrictions are supposed to remain in effect until 7:00p.m. tonight so we'll see what time I arrive in Charm City, but we're speeding along so far.

More signs of a dreadful August aboard MARC: Crowded conditions due to shortage of cars on the Camden line. Where are those new trains city and state officials promised months ago?
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